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Poster: michaelreuter1 Date: Jun 29, 2020 1:01pm
Forum: petabox Subject: "Welcome to US Petabox"


I wonder what the message "Welcome to US Petabox" is telling me. I get it, for example, when accessing the following URL:

Thank you!

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Poster: varenhizzle Date: Dec 1, 2021 4:25pm
Forum: petabox Subject: Re: 'Welcome to US Petabox'

You get the same thing when you look up "":

And notice that both your link and mine have a very similar date!

My guess is both of these just represent some routing bug that was happening in August 2013 where instead of fetching content from the public internet, the wayback machine instead got routed to its own network. Note that this is only possible with plain http, since if it was https the certs wouldn't match the domain and the connection wouldn't validate.

Pretty funny. Would love to to know the story and technical details on how this happened.